Saturday, February 23, 2008

Outrageous Attacks

Hillary Clinton, who's campaign a couple of months ago expressed shock that Barack Obama had shown political ambition as a kindergarten student, now is condemning the campaign of the U.S. Senator from Illinois for running a negative campaign. Sen. Clinton is now reaching a level of silliness that is beyond parody. She is taking umbrage over a mailer, based on a New York Newsday report, that states that she praised NAFTA as a "boon" for the U.S. economy. Ms. Clinton complains, and Newsday now acknowledges, that she never used that word, though she has been on the record praising the trade agreement reached while she was gaining superior political experience as a first lady.

Desperation looks pretty ugly, doesn't it?

For the record, the attacks of the Clinton campaign have not tended to be based on mere semantics. Clinton attack dogs have sought to take advantage of Sen. Obama's admitted youthful drug usage, baselessly implied that he may have sold drugs, called his foreign policy statements "fairy tales," dismissed him as having a Jessie Jackson like niche candidacy, accused him of plagiarism, and on and on.

The nation will be better off should Sen. Obama some how pull off wins in Texas and Ohio.


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