Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nursing a Great Career Choice

While one might argue that it is misplaced in a list of "political issues," I was interested to read the portion of this post suggesting that the nursing profession is demeaned by television shows that "depict nurses as physician assistants and handmaidens that have little technical knowledge. Because of this misrepresentation, nurses get less respect and authority from both doctors and patients, which of course causes friction in these relationships."

I watch very little television, so I can not speak to the point, but it is astounding if true, as any diminution of the professionalism and importance of skilled nurses is far out of step with reality. The fact is that nursing offers great paying jobs with ever expanding responsibilities and a nearly endless array of career options based on knowledge and/or experience. Given the nursing shortage, they are in high demand. It is a great career choice for young men and women.

The Oracle passes out at the sight of blood, so that was never an option. :)

Hat Tip: Adam Groves


Blogger Lanette said...

As a nurse, I thank you.

8:24 AM  

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