Thursday, February 21, 2008

Because Inquiring Minds Need to Know?

After reading the New York Times exhaustive, and exhausting, piece on allegations of an inappropriate relationship between John McCain and a much younger female lobbyist, one might wish to quote an old Wendy's ad (and the late Fritz Mondale) and ask, "Where's the beef?"

Apart from the salacious suggestion (and really, the article offers nothing more than a suggestion of the possibility with no real evidence) that intimacy was involved, there is nothing here.

I know that some people want to use the term "lobbyist" as a pejorative, but unless there is something actually nefarious going on, a lobbyist is nothing more than a person trying to help American citizens influence their government.

With that in mind, here's the story. Sen. McCain had an association with a lobbyist, who he describes as a friend he saw at public events. Said lobbyist bragged to clients about her relationship with Sen McCain (all lobbyists brag about their relationships with key contacts). Sen. McCain occasionally agreed with the needs of said lobbyist's clients and took some actions in their behalf. Some of Sen. McCain's disgruntled former staffers say they never liked the lobbyist and tried to keep her away from him.

So? What's the point?

I think the point was to smear the Senator with vague suggestions of improper conduct.


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