Thursday, November 01, 2007

When Values Conflict

Marvin Olasky applauds those having concerns for the environment and for the poor, but asks who wins when those values come into conflict:

One of the many justifications Al Gore offers for the $150 billion annual price tag of the Kyoto accords is that global warming will increase the number of malaria-carrying mosquitoes. But Danish economist Bjørn Lomborg and others say that global warming will increase the number of people at risk for malaria by only three percent – and that with an annual expenditure of only $3 billion on health and economic measures, malaria infections could be cut by 50% over the next eight years.

Mr. Olasky is directing his point primarily at young evangelical politicos, but in actuality it is a line of thinking that should be provocative for any audience on any number of issues. Ideologues often talk as though there are no trade-offs. Real life is not like that.


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