Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Tweak of Lance's Explanation

Joe Lance explains the decision of Pat Robertson to endorse Rudy Giuliani as follows:

A believer in authoritarianism such as Robertson would naturally try to suck up to the perceived frontrunner, who, even though his views on social/cultural issues are different, is still the boss.

I think that is close, but not quite correct. Mr. Robertson's endorsement likely does not arise out of authoritarianism as much as from an interest in relevance and an inclination toward pragmatism. Unlike some others on the religious right, he has made the decision to jump on the horse that he believes will win. He has likely calculated that a Giuliani victory owing nothing to the religious right will reduce them to irrelevance.

Mr. Robertson has said so many outrageous things -- especially in recent years -- that it is easy to forget that he was once a fairly astute political observer. That ability enabled him to build a personal empire and rise to a certain level of influence in spite of the limitations of some of his viewpoints.


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