Thursday, November 01, 2007

About More than Singing Cool Songs in Church

The reader may recall the portrayal of the upper class men in the movie Titanic, who fought for limited positions on life boats to the detriment of those less fortunate, including women and children. Those who fought for their lives, even at the cost of others', were presented in the most negative light.

It is easy to so judge others, but Tom Ascol, writing primarily to a Christian audience of church leaders, asks how believers will respond to a scenario that very well could arise in our lifetimes, a deadly flu pandemic so widespread that there is not enough vaccine for everyone:

How will American Christians respond to a deadly pandemic? Will we clamour for the vaccine without regard for our neighbors? Will we be terrorized like those who have no hope? Those of us who know the Gospel should minister out of the grace that we receive in Christ, and should prefer others above ourselves and teach our people to do the same.

Rev. Ascol goes on to discuss historical precedents for Christian response. Read it here.


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