Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Will It Be Lake Effect or Mountain Snow on Bud Selig's Hat?

When they began calling the World Series the "October Classic," they didn't mean the end of October. Back then, they also weren't worried with television ratings, so they didn't play at night.

This year, Major League Baseball is on the brink of holding its premier event in the cold of night just before Halloween on the shores of Lake Erie and in the mountains of Colorado. Global warming or no, they will likely not enjoy ideal conditions in which to play baseball. A good snowstorm could create a situation where the game would be seeking its first "Mr. November."

All true baseball fans consider this shameful. The baseball season needs to be shortened so that once again the World Series is concluded no later than the ides of October.


Anonymous john h said...

I'm really not understanding these days off between games that are played in the same stadium. I know it is based on some notion that America/aka television can only handle one game per day, er, night, but really..or maybe I'm just impatient to see Cleveland finish off the Red Sox.

I'm looking forward to seeing Selig sitting at a late October, early November game in Denver pretending the snow is not falling all around him.

6:49 AM  

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