Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why Huckabee Can't be Veep

Rich Lowry correctly posits that Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee lacks either the organization or the message needed to make a serious run at the GOP nomination. However, Mr. Lowry is incorrect when he suggests that the Arkansan makes an ideal running mate for Rudolph Giuliani. The columnist theorizes that Mr. Huckabee provides the former New York mayor with some needed help with "social conservatives."

That may be, but Mr. Huckabee would cost the ticket more than he would gain for it. There is simply too much stigma attached to being a former Baptist preacher for Mr. Huckabee to be an asset to the ticket. It matters not how good of a speaker Mr. Huckabee is or how reasonable he sounds: many middle of the road voters will be turned off by his former occupation.

Voters like their candidates to be religious. However, at this point in history they will not be prone to put a Baptist preacher one heartbeat away from the White House.


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