Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Warning to Republicans: Don't Forget the Vision Thing

This article in The Hill reports that Republicans plan to make an issue of credible allegations that Hillary Clinton was involved in listening in on the phone conversations of her husband's political opponents in 1992. The story, if true, shows her own behavior to contrast sharply with her vocal criticism of the Bush administration for allowing law enforcement to monitor calls to and from the United States by or to suspected terrorists.

As always, the behavior of the Clinton's provides more than enough examples of questionable conduct and judgment to fill a campaign. Even so, Republicans would be wise to avoid repeating the same mistakes that defeated them in the 1990's. If Republicans believe that they can win by attacking the personal conduct of the Clintons without also putting forward a positive vision of their own plans for the future, they will lose. They have walked down that path before.


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