Thursday, October 11, 2007

There Was Not Even Any Drinking Involved

For reasons that defy explanation, I am going to post about one of my most humiliating experiences in recent memory.

Last night, I was attending a meeting of a club that I am a member of. I began feeling ill during the meeting with what seems to be some sort of inner ear thing, though I have not yet gone to the doctor. Anyway, during a speech by another member, I made the unfortunate decision to stand up quickly and go to the restroom. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor with other club members gathered around me.

Actually, by the time I sat up a couple of minutes later, I didn't feel that ill other than being a little lightheaded. Thus, I mostly was just feeling embarrassed by the whole thing.

I also probably gave the unfortunate impression that I have a one track mind.

As I was still sitting there, talk began as to who might drive me home. I insisted that I was ok and would be able to drive. There was then concern as to whether I would make it safely. At that point, I had the following exchange with the club president, who, by the way, is tall, slender, blond, and clearly out of my league:

Her: "Well, if you drive, why don't you let me follow you home."

Me: "Under different circumstances, that would be a heckuva offer."

Fortunately, she laughed.


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