Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Profile in Leadership

The willingness of Fred Thompson to broach the issue of growth in Social Security payouts demonstrates that he has the seriousness and competence to be President. That some of his fellow Republicans in Congress have criticized his proposal demonstrates why they are not. They are not leaders willing to address real problems.

That is not to say that the Thompson proposal to index Social Security increases to the rate of inflation instead of the rate of wage growth is necessarily the right proposal. However, those criticizing Mr. Thompson's plan fail to offer any alternative reforms. They merely smile dismissively and point out that senior citizens don't like that sort of talk. Of course, anyone who passed third grade math knows that the current program is not sustainable.

Please understand. I am more than willing to pay for the benefits expected by my father -- now over 70. However, the benefits that would be due to me, if the program is not altered, are not sustainable by the next generation without confiscatory levels of taxation. I would not do that to my son.


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