Monday, October 08, 2007

The Politics of Personal Destruction

In the course of describing how the Clarence Thomas hearings turned her away from the Democratic Party, The Anchoress laments that their tactics don't seem to have changed much since that time:

Frankly, watching the Democrats do this incredible, manufactured smear job on Rush Limbaugh (of whom I have more than once written I am not a fan) tells me I’m well out of it, too. This “scorched earth” policy which the Clinton’s brought to the fore during the Clinton 42 campaigns is ruthless and shameless, and it is intellectually so dishonest as to be embarrassing. And the tit-for-tat “oh, you didn’t like the Petraeus ad, but Rush did it too,” mentality is remarkably idiotic; the Petraeus ad was a planned and thought-out slander; the “phony soldiers” remark was a spontaneous moment of a conversation - a simple brain/mouth shortcut that delivered imprecise language, such as we are all capable of delivering at times. And the Democrats are revealing something incredibly ugly about the state of that party as they go about trying to make something huge out of something small, something real out of something not real.

The Democrats are revealing that they are not serious about real issues, anymore; they’re only serious about winning elections, consolidating power and destroying identified enemies who - incredibly - are all domestic.


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Wow, well said.

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