Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mr. October

The Oracle turns 44 tomorrow. When people at work asked me my age today, I told them that I look great to be 63.

For reasons that I won't get into on this blog, my birthday last year was perhaps my best ever, or so I thought at the time. For reasons entirely unrelated, this is one of my worst. Hopefully, the next year will include less stress and change than this past one has.

We will now close the book on personal remarks and return to discussing politics and culture.

Update. The day turned out better than expected. Thanks to those who sent along their well wishes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Oracle! I know I am probably just one of the people in the world that is glad you were born and that you touched my life. Best wishes tomorrow!

8:12 PM  
Blogger John Norris Brown said...

Happy birthday! I hope this year is better than your last :-)

9:06 PM  

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