Saturday, October 27, 2007

Judicial System Quote of the Day

"Justice is supposed to be blind, not lazy and dumb."

-- The Dallas Morning News, commenting on reports that a juror in the Holy Land Foundation trial slept and stayed otherwise distracted over the course of a trial of a case that many observers claim is too complex factually to prevail before a jury.

I admit to having a decidedly non-conservative thought: I no longer believe in the jury system, and I have not for years. There are simply too many instances where things such as what is described above occur.

Update. In other Dallas area judicial news, a jury listened to the desperate crying of a mother and grandmother and sentenced them to probation in the scalding death of a 20 month old baby. According to the Dallas Morning News report, the baby had second and third degree burns over 1/4 of his body caused by scalding bathwater. Rather than take the child to the hospital, the two women treated him for days before he died with prescription ointment from when another child was burned. They said they didn't take him to the hospital because they feared the child would be taken away. Their attorneys, Ray Jackson and John Read, said the women loved children and should receive probation.

While the women wept desperately before the jury went out to decide sentencing, the report says they were smiling when the judge read the verdict.

Does anyone wish to criticize me for saying I no longer believe in the jury system?


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