Monday, October 29, 2007

Democratic Governor Takes on Teachers' Union

The Nashville Scene reports on two recent speeches by Tennessee governor Phil Bredeson advocating educational accountability and innovative methods for getting qualified teachers in the classroom.

Tennessee Education Association executive directorAl Mance responds by advocating the indispensability of the moribund and nearly worthless colleges of education that have done much to ruin the American education system over the last half century.

Mr. Mance somehow claims that Governor Bredeson shares in the ignorance of "laypeople," but it is the governor who has it right. And, contra Mr. Mance, the general public is not under the illusion that prospective teachers take classes in "basket-weaving;" however, we do question the efficacy of courses dispensing knowledge about how to create bulletin boards.

And, lest Mr. Mance think that only "laypeople" doubt the virtues of schools of education, I would add that, having discussed this issue with dozens of educators over the years, at least half the teachers agree with the governor. I would suggest they tend to be the better half.

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