Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Corruption Following The Oracle

When I lived in Nashville, four state legislators were handcuffed by federal agents and led from capitol hill as the result of an FBI sting operation. Several other people, including an additional former legislator, were involved, as well. Now, I live in Dallas, and similar events are occurring at city hall here, though only one of the 16 people indicted thus far is currently holding elective office, and people learned of those charged through the announcement of indictments rather than through dramatic arrests.

For those worried, this investigation was ongoing long before The Oracle moved into the area.

More seriously, 12 of the 16 accused persons are black, and one of those persons has already raised the specter of a racially motivated prosecution. While that raises concerns that this case could heighten racial resentments in Dallas, news accounts seem to indicate that people, while skeptical, are largely willing to take a wait and see attitude about all of this.


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