Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Things We Do for Love

I rarely post about personal matters, but what the heck. The blogger at Graceless in Love has an interesting post on the games played in dating (ht: Music City Bloggers). Like the blogger there, The Oracle has never felt himself to be very adept at picking up on the hints, positive or negative, that other people seem quite readily to understand.

Nonetheless, I was interested that Ms. Graceless explained that the game of "playing hard to get" is one that inevitably works for her, when she is able to do it. I must admit that women who play that game will always lose me. In the aftermath of a rather embarrassing experience last year in which I continued to chase someone who I in retrospect know did not want to be caught, I now usually assume that if a lady doesn't seem to be interested, it is probably because she decided she is not.

'Tis a very confusing world out there.


Anonymous Grace said...

aw hell... now I'm REALLY confused! :-)

10:43 PM  

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