Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Like a Diseased Appendix Bursting...Fun Is Insinuating Itself Everywhere"

Matt Labash's description of those promoting "fun at work" is absolutely delightful to this reader:

A considerable corpus of literature on their discipline is amassing. I use the word "literature" loosely, to mean a series of often ungrammatical double-spaced sentences put on paper, slapped between festively colored covers, and sold to mouth-readers with too much discretionary income. While most business books, according to Kihn, are written on about a 7th-grade level (there are exceptions like Who Moved My Cheese? for Teens that are written on a 5th-grade level), the funsultant literature regresses all the way back to primary school. Since we all forget to play as adults, as funsultants repeatedly tell us, they seem intent on speaking to us as though we're children.

Read the entire wonderful and hilarious piece here.


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