Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Future Voters of America

Two former Congressmen, Republican William Goodling and Democrat Lee Hamilton, worry about the quality of American civics education:

How are we doing at instilling in young Americans an understanding of our political heritage, and at equipping them to think critically and participate constructively? We are falling down on the job, according to "The Nation's Report Card: Civics 2006," issued recently by the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

The NAEP study showed that only 24 percent of fourth graders, 22 percent of eighth graders and 27 percent of twelfth graders have a "proficient" mastery of civics. "America's school children are woefully unprepared to take their place as informed, engaged citizens," lamented Charles N. Quigley, executive director of the Center for Civic Education.

Hat Tip: The Thicket, which has other links related to initiatives related to civics education.


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