Monday, September 17, 2007

The Editor Needs an Editor

The editorial in today's The Tennessean might set a record, even by that newspaper's standards, for syntactical awkwardness. I considered commenting on each oddly written sentence, but doing so would require copying so much of the piece that I could be in violation of federal copyright laws. The reader should have no difficulty identifying the copious problems, of which I will only reproduce two:

Lenders eager to capitalize on "creative" ways of getting people into houses they cannot afford is a huge problem. The flawed approach is coming home to roost in ways those lenders didn't imagine, but should have....

Gimmicks being used to get people to buy houses they can't pay for have been an example of irrational speculation.

Does anyone want to defend the quality of that writing? By the way, for anyone who thinks that I am just a critic taking potshots at the media, I would point out that I have lived in Dallas now for three months and have never held up the local newspaper to this kind of ridicule (The Dallas Morning News is actually a pretty good newspaper). The Tennessean is rather unique in that regard.


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