Friday, September 21, 2007

Dan Rather's Latest Attempt to Make Chicken Salad from Chicken S***

When reading the comments of former CBS news reader Dan Rather suggesting that he lost his job as the result of government and corporate pressure on American journalism, one is forced to ask: is this just a desperate effort to rescue his tattered reputation, or is Mr. Rather really this stupid?

Mr. Rather, who once wrote in embarrassingly sycophantic tones for the Wall Street Journal about an interview he had conducted with Saddam Hussein, told Larry King, with a straight face, that "democracy cannot survive" if journalists such as himself are held accountable for using embarrassingly badly forged documents as the basis for a news story.

The former network news reader, who continues to stand by documents purportedly from the 70's and obviously produced by something along the lines of Microsoft Word as real, dismisses a CBS panel's review of the episode as a "fraud."

Which brings us back to the original question: is this a reflection of Mr. Rather's desperation, or his intelligence?


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