Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Behavior that Only Partisans Cheer

A year ago a political writer well known to me penned the following:

If Republicans lose the House, it will partly be due to the reasons usually given: the unpopularity of the President and the war. However, it will partly be the result of a public that has become fed up with a Congress that spends so much time posturing that it never gets around to governing. After all, if image is everything, the interior must be hollow.

This week, as I have observed the conduct of Democrats at the Petraus hearings and have read Democratic comments regarding potential nominees for attorney general, it has become ever more readily apparent that Congress changed the party affiliation of its leaders, but not the quality of its leadership. While the American public is not as politically attentive as one might wish, neither is it as stupid as its leaders sometimes seem to think. When leaders offer soundbites and poses without ever actually seriously participating in the governance of the nation, the public will hold them in disdain, and rightly so.


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