Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Political Blogger's Role

Hugh Hewitt argues that with regard to the 2008 race for the Presidency, "center-right pundits make the best use of their time in this long presidential campaign replying to attacks on the GOP frontrunners rather than inviting them."

Professor Stephen Bainbridge disagrees, stating:

Seriously, whether you agree with Hugh depends on what you think is the proper role of a center-right pundit. Should they be mere apologists for the GOP or advocates for the conservative movement? It seems to me that uncritical support is the last thing the GOP needs right now. The GOP and the conservative movement have suffered major setbacks as a result of the Bush administration and the K Street gang. The conservative house needs to be set in order, which includes putting the contenders for leadership under a microscope.

It is an interesting discussion that requires consideration of both long term and short term, practical and ideological, concerns. That being said, the writer of this blog views his task more along the lines of what Professor Bainbridge describes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloggers shouldn't be apologists -- the only apologists should be those getting paid for it.

1:17 PM  

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