Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keep the Public Eye on the Ball

In Tennessee, Williamson County Sheriff Ricky Headley finds it "scary" that about 1/3 of those arrested in his county are illegal immigrants. He is evidently far less terrified that the leading law enforcement official in Williamson County was arrested earlier this year for allegedly receiving "thousands" of pills of prescription painkillers without a prescription.

Update. A.C. Kleinheider was kind enough to link to this post. A commenter at that site, Slartibarfast, accused me of delivering an "irrelevant cheapshot." I strongly disagree with that characteization.

The shameless sheriff is clearly trying to identify himself with popular causes in an effort to help people forget about his alleged criminal activity. Last week, he also managed to get himself quoted in The Tennessean regarding a traffic stop of the unpopular Pacman Jones. I am of the opinion that the sheriff should not be allowed to get away with this PR diversion (which explains the title of the post).

Of course, Mr. Headley has something in common with Mr. Jones: neither of them has been convicted of any crimes -- yet.


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