Sunday, July 22, 2007

Golf Has Johnny Miller....

Cincinnati Reds' Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennamen has always been known for his willingness to be straightforward about his team's deficiencies, and his new partner in the booth, Jeff Brantley, calls the game in the same way. A broadcast earlier this week, during which Reds relief pitcher Todd Coffey pitched well when entering the game and then faltered the next inning after the Reds took the lead, featured the following exchange:

Brennaman: "Well, it's hard to understand how a guy can come in when a team is behind and pitch so well, and then come in to try to protect a lead ... There's ball three. It's just truly amazing."

Brantley: "You can't throw the ball with your right hand if your right hand is on your throat. You can't do both."

That's strong.


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