Thursday, June 28, 2007

Satisfied with Local Newspaper

Regular readers know that The Oracle has frequently criticized the quality of the reporting, writing, and editorial decisions of the local paper in the city that I lived in until last week. However, I must say that my initial impressions of my new local newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, have been quite favorable.

I have heard some local friends complain that the paper has a liberal bias, but I have not yet formed an impression on that issue. However, it does not overly concern me that a newspaper leans to the left as long as the quality of the journalism is sound and the coverage of what is locally and nationally important is good. If the quality of the newspaper is poor, then it doesn't really matter much whether it is ineptly conservative or ineptly liberal. I rarely, if ever, criticized The Tennessean for being liberal. I frequently questioned its journalistic standards and writing.

However, having a decent newspaper to read does mean that I will have to find some new issues to write about.


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