Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not Much Blogging Lately

The Oracle apologizes to all of his loyal readers (or to both of them, as the case may be) that blogging has been rather light of late. Preoccupation with issues related to employment have prevented me from giving more attention to my blog.

I have been traveling on business a great deal more than normal of late. There have also been other upheavals that require my attention. Several weeks ago, I thought there was a significant likelihood that I would be required to relocate to another state (a rather flat one, in fact, which created concerns as to my pseudo-identity, as Oracles are known to live on mountaintops). Anyway, it is now almost completely certain that I will be remaining both gainfully employed by someone and in the Nashville area. Nearly everything else is unknown.

In addition, I just learned that my son will be having surgery -- a thyroidectomy --soon.

Blogging will pick up again once some of this calms down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are settling down on the job front and I hope Ben's surgery goes well. Take Care - AJ

2:47 PM  

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