Monday, February 05, 2007

They Aren't Postmillenialists

Much of A.C. Kleinheider's criticism of the religious right is fair, but he also shows that he has drank a little bit too much of Kevin Phillip's cool-aid. Kleinheider claims that the "new religious right" is "postmillenialist."

That is simply untrue. 95% of the evangelicals and fundamentalists who compose the religious right, including those in leadership, have read The Late Great Planet Earth at some point in their lives and believe that the Left Behind series describes something close to how things really will come out.

Those facts are concerning, but they make these people dispensational premillialists. They are not postmillenialists. Some critics want to have it both ways. Noting the dispensationalist proclivities, they will claim that evangelicals give blind adherence to Israel in order hasten the return of Jesus. But then, the same critics will wish to take advantage of some outrageous reconstructionist statement written by some writer for the Washington Times that no one who has sat in a church pew has ever heard of, or some careless comment by the famously careless broadcaster from Virginia Beach (who is, by the way, a dispensationalist), and spread fear of this latent desire to impose theocracy.

Religious conservatives have their faults, many of them serious, but this whole critique is nonsense.


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