Saturday, February 24, 2007

Should Romney Have a Chance?

The Editors at National Review opine that it would be unfortunate if Mitch Romney's campaign is derailed by public attention to his numerous changes in position. They argue that Republicans have for years been kind to candidates who have moved rightward in order to win the nomination.

However, not all moves are created equal, and Romney's fundamental changes of position on numerous issues (taxes, campaign finance, abortion, gay rights) look more like a move from one coast to another than like one from the city to the suburbs. Even principled politicians inevitably will change their minds or modify some positions or emphasis in order to woo voters. However, a politician who lacks the ability to show that he possesses a core of political beliefs does not deserve a party's nomination to be President.

Time has not run out for Romney to show that core, but he had better get busy.


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