Monday, January 29, 2007

A Gingrich Run for the White House?

Bill Hobbs has an extended and informative post discussing the likelihood and ramifications of a Newt Gingrich run for the White House. A.C. Kleinheider rightly suggests that Gingrich could not win -- his negatives are too high. Kleinheider emphasizes the circumstances under which Gingrich left Congress. He might have added that, fairly or unfairly, Gingrich comes across on television as arrogant and grating.

Kleinheider also suggests that while Gingrich will run, he is "intelligent" enough to know that he won't win. Kleinheider, ever the cynic, suggests that Gingrich will have lecture fees in mind. The Oracle, who is much less prone to claim to know someone else's inner workings, and who declaims cynicism in any event, would tend to disagree. Intelligence is not the same as judgment, and many people are notoriously blind to their own weaknesses. Gingrich believes that he can become President. He is wrong.


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