Monday, December 25, 2006

Worthless Drivel for Christmas

Given that it is Christmas, perhaps it would be charitable to overlook expressions of Utopian nonsense; however The Oracle could not help but notice this nugget of fool's gold in a The Tennessean editorial this morning:

Children offer hope for the world. It's in their eyes we see the future. It's why we want to shower them with special, magical gifts, the tangible and intangible. Because what we really see in those children's eyes are our own hopes for a brighter world, a brighter future, a safer, cleaner more trouble-free existence.

If the adult world would only allow itself to think in the terms of wonder and joy that lie in the hearts of children, Christmas really could become the ideal that is meant when people say Merry Christmas.

Who writes this stuff? A junior high student?


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