Friday, December 08, 2006

Wilder than Cartoonish

Liz Garrigan explains that both Republicans and Democrats have good reason for not returning John Wilder to the Lt. Governor's seat: "Keeping a cartoon character behind the Senate podium is a good way to get Tennessee on The Daily Show, but that's about it."

My favorite personally viewed Wilder moment came at a Senate Commerce Committee meeting in 2003. At the conclusion of testimony provided at the hearing by a private citizen who's identity The Oracle does not recall, Wilder requested to be called upon. The following exchange then took place:

Wilder: "What effect will this have on TennCare."
Private Citizen (looking confused and stumbling): "Uh, Governor Wilder, I, uh, don't think this has anything to do with TennCare."
Wilder (looking as confused as usual): "Oh, I must not know what we were talking about."

Yes, indeed, the senate is the senate.

Hat Tip: Hobbs


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