Saturday, December 16, 2006

Politics and Inhumanity

The Oracle loves the give and take of politics, but does not consider politics to be everything there is. Thus, he finds this piece by Eleanor Clift discussing the political ramifications of Senator Tim Johnson's (D-SD) stroke to be the most crass thing he has seen in politics since the Paul Wellstone funeral rally. Of course, others are talking about this angle, as well, but Clift seems to manage unapologetically to plumb the depths of this low enterprise.

In a lame attempt to humanize her thoughts, Clift lapses into incoherence:

On a human level, everybody hopes and prays for Johnson’s recovery. But this is Washington, and with the Senate poised to do real damage to Bush and his war party, not everybody’s prayers will be answered.

Does that make sense to anyone? Everybody is praying the same thing, but some prayers will not be answered? If everybody is praying the same thing, is not the answer an all or nothing proposition, as well?

Clift later proceeds to claim that the appointment of a Democratic successor, in the event of Johnson's incapacity, would be crucial to the Senator's "recovery."

That type of argument is beyond satire.

Nonetheless, as with family inheritances, it would perhaps be nicer to let the body get cold before discussing the ramifications of the choice of Johnson's successor. Actually, at this point in time, it is only appropriate to pray and hope for Johnson's recovery -- for reasons beyond the pail of politics.


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