Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Tennessean columnist Larry Woody writes today that the recent success of the Tennessee Titans has silenced critics of coach Jeff Fisher. Regarding Fisher, Woody writes:

Ask yourself: Is there another coach anywhere who could have held a team together through an 0-5 start, Billy Volek's rant, Albert Haynesworth's stomp and Pacman Jones' membership in the Embarrassment-of-the-Week Club?

It is nice to see that the Titans' decision to stick with current leadership appears to be paying off. In modern sports, both college and pro teams frequently are quick to fire coaches (no, we're not talking about the University of Alabama, here) on the theory that it is easier to replace one coach than an entire team. However, firings frequently occur after a team has reached bottom and started its next ascent. Replacing coaches does not come without a cost, as new regimes create new systems requiring adaptation by the players, thus delaying their return to competitiveness. Fans should be thankful for the patience of Titans' management.


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