Friday, December 15, 2006

Hockey and Eye Candy

The Oracle saw the Nashville Predators play last night for the second time this week and the fourth time this year. It was nice to see a group nicknamed the Senators get thrashed.

Shortly before the Preds scored their first goal, the woman who sang the national anthem arrived at the section in which I was seated and settled into a seat several rows below me. We're talking about some serious eye candy here, but I noted that when Scott Hartnell scored the opening goal, and most of the rest of us were standing and cheering, that she remained in her seat looking down at her cell phone. She didn't at that moment seem to notice that a game was going on.

Fortunately, she sat far enough from me so that I was not distracted any further for the remainder of the game -- until she got up to leave at the end. Serious eye candy. She had a nice voice, too.


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