Monday, December 11, 2006

Don't Take Kuharsky to Vegas

One thing that many prognosticators and pundits may dislike about the internet is the fact that bad predictions stay around for posterity. Old print versions might have been hard to find, but online pieces can always be googled. For example, The Tennessean sports writer Paul Kuharsky, who is generally a capable journalist liked by The Oracle, might regret writing this on October 12, a few days after the Tennessee Titans fell to 0-5 by losing a closer than expected game to the Indianapolis Colts:

The best teams in the NFL get the glass-half-full treatment, the worst get the glass-half-empty. So here are five reasons the Titans are even worse off than you might think as they prepare to play the Washington Redskins(2-3) on Sunday.

For the record, the Titans have gone 6-2 since Kuharsky gave his reasons for pessimism, which can be found here.


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