Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bowled Over

Under the category of no one is special if everyone (well, nearly everyone except Vanderbilt) is special, one might note the following:

College football now has 32 post season bowl games. Considering that good college football teams are frequently identified by their inclusion in the "top 25," it is striking to realize that fully 64 teams have been chosen for a bowl game.

Of those 64 teams, 7 of them don't even have winning records (they are 6-6). In one game, the Independence Bowl pitting Alabama against Oklahoma State, it is guaranteed that one team will finish with a losing record.

One is told that this proliferation of games results from willing sponsors who find them profitable and who pass on part of those profits to the participating schools and conferences. If so, one wonders how it can be sustained. The Oracle is a big football fan and enjoys college sports, but he will not bother paying even scant attention to many, if not the majority, of these games.


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