Monday, November 13, 2006

Will Wilder Retain Control?

With Republicans barely holding on to a one seat majority in the Tennessee state senate, pundits speculate that state senator Mike Williams will again vote against party and allow John Wilder to continue to hold the Lt. Governor position. Before that is done, however, perhaps both Democrats and Republicans should consider the following:

Last summer, a seemingly healthy Governor Phil Bredeson was suddenly stricken with a mysterious illness that was attributed to a tick bite. While details remained sketchy as to how sick the governor really was, the degree to which his administration and family remained tight-lipped caused speculation that it was serious. Thankfully, the governor recovered. Had he not, Lt. Governor Wilder, for whom the term coherence is an unknown concept, would have become governor.

Wilder has frequently proven to be an embarrassment both within and outside the state, and one would think that there could be partisan agreement that he should not be one heart beat from the governor's office. Unfortunately, Democrats, along with Williams, will support Wilder because he alone, for reasons that are beyond the grasp of those outside capitol hill, will be able to garner the support necessary to win with a cross over vote. Supporting him is the height of irresponsibility.


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