Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If You Don't Study, You Might Become the Junior Senator from Mass.

Regardless of how John Kerry ultimately explains away his foolish remarks made at Pasadena Community College, Democrats may finally be recognizing a long established pattern: whenever Kerry opens his mouth, President Bush's approval ratings go up 5 points.

If not for Kerry's leaden tongue, Bush might now be in the single digits. If the Senator is not on Karl Rove's payroll, he should be.

In addition, while The Oracle is prone respectfully to defer to the experience of those who have served in the nation's military, he has tired of Kerry's persistant recourse to his military background in an effort to shield himself from any kind of blunder, perceived or otherwise, that he commits. One wishes that he would simply affirm or aver his positions and statements without this constant effort to use his military experience as a weapon to demand that any critics shut up.


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