Saturday, November 11, 2006

Disgraceful Conduct by Ethics Leader

In September, Robert Parham, who's job title describes him as a leader on ethics, published an opinion piece in The Tennessean disingenuously arguing that Southern Baptists could only exorcise the demons from their racist heritage by voting for Harold Ford. I discussed his writing here. In the aftermath of the election, he castigates them for not having done so and attributes Ford's loss to racism.

The Music City Oracle did not vote for Harold Ford, but the reasons for pulling the lever for Bob Corker have nothing to do with race. As I have stated previously, if I had lived in Maryland I would have voted for Michael Steele for U.S. Senator. If I had lived in Ohio, I would have voted for Ken Blackwell for Governor.

If Parham wrote similar pieces in Maryland and Ohio, both states with a fair number of Southern Baptist residents, advocating the same approach, I will apologize. In the absence of such writings, it would seem apparent that Parham has recklessly used an important ethical and societal concern for purely partisan reasons, and that would make him a disgrace to his profession.


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