Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tell the Truth; Don't Change the Subject

While I am capable of emphasizing or de-emphasizing a particular set of facts in the interest of promoting a personal political priority or candidate, there are lengths to which I would never go, and I suppose for that reason I could never be a partisan political hack. Thus, those who would attempt to bail Republicans out of the impact of this dreadful Foley episode by claiming that this is merely an attempt of liberals and a cooperative media to take down more Republicans are disgusting to me.

Even if the charge is true, it is less important than the matter at hand. If Republicans don't want to be ripped in the press for failing to confront a repugnant situation, then they should have confronted it. If you are guilty of the crime, don't blame the media for reporting it at an inconvenient time.

I have little patience for PR that devolves into propoganda when it comes from Democrats. I have even less patience for those who are supposed to be on my side.


Blogger John H said...

If any Dems held onto this info so that they could make political 'hay' here in election season, that is just as disgusting as G.O.P.ers covering it up so that it doesn't make the party look bad.

Truth is, wrong is wrong. Thanks for this post.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Rob Huddleston said...


Amen on the skewering of those who knew of Foley's crimes - Republican or Democrat.

That being said, there is little doubt in my mind that this was perfectly planned to break weeks before early voting.



4:48 AM  

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