Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why Couric Is Faltering

A blogger at KnoxViews notes that the initially high television ratings of new CBS anchor Katie Couric's newscasts are already falling precipitously.

This is not surprising. People initially tuned into Couric's newscast for the same reason that they might stop to see a troupe of dancing dogs: they really aren't very good at it, but one is amazed that they do it at all.

However, the charm quickly wears off.

While the world might be a better place if a woman succeeded as a network news anchor, at its root the sex of the news reader is of tangential importance for anyone wishing to reverse the trend of people watching network news programming in decreasing numbers. People who are interested in news by and large do not watch the networks because the network newscasts spend relatively little of their time actually credibly covering real news.


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