Wednesday, September 27, 2006

TV's, TV's Everywhere, and Not a Thought to Think

The Anchoress laments the prevalence of televisions in and out of American homes:

What is particularly unsettling, these days, is how ubiquitous televisions are - they cannot be avoided. The last time I went shoe shopping with a kid I felt assaulted by the multiple televisions blaring while we looked at sneakers. It was so difficult to talk, to hear each other, and to think. I left the store without making a purchase, moved on to yet another store full of yakking televisions, (then to the haircutter whose set was going full boar) and when I got back to my quiet little house I realized why I hate going out so very much, these days.

Indeed. Between televisions and cellphones, there is no longer a need for anyone actually to interact with people who are present with them.


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