Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dems in Republican Clothing

A.C. Kleinheider has an interesting post indicating that ABC's Good Morning America was essentially duped when it presented a segment purportedly about three Republican women who were jumping ship. Kleinheider shows that at least two of the three are likely not Republicans.

This relates to a favorite tactic used by trained partisans writing letters to the editor or calling into talk radio shows over the last several years. Those who read or listen frequently can usually identify these frauds. Frankly, when a caller to a talk show begins the conversation by saying, "I have always voted Republican, but...." or "I voted for Bush the last time, but...." I assume that they are lying. Occasionally, that may turn out to be incorrect, but in the vast majority of the ones I have heard, I would venture that it is not.

The Democrats attempt to use those venues to create the impression that the Republicans have taken a harder line and are thereby driving moderate people out of the party. However, the use of phony callers is blatantly dishonest and unethical.

Republicans may do the same thing, but I have not noticed it. Of course, as all of the most popular talk shows lean conservative, the tactic may fit the strategic interests of Democrats more closely.


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