Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Earth Will Rotate on Its Axis

This morning, the editorial writers at The Tennessean offer the following bits of profundity:

Certainly, the devastation of one of America's great cities and the deaths of some 2,000 people are nothing that this nation wants to experience again....

Disasters will happen. They can't be prevented.

For good measure, they add that no matter how much we do, there will still be disasters. They also inform us that because human beings are not infallible, we will have occasional tragedies.

Ya don't say? I hate to so frequently criticize the writing and thought of the paper of record in Nashville -- well, I don't hate it too much -- but I swear that they sometimes write as though they have not yet finished junior high.

Conservatives in Nashville frequently complain that The Tennessean is liberal. I don't really care about whether an editorial page is liberal or conservative; however, it is embarrassing to the city when they don't manage to be competent.


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