Sunday, August 06, 2006

Daughtrey Nominates Self for Shill of the Year

Larry Daughtrey, who is asserted to be The Tennessean's columnist covering state politics, but who actually writes a Seinfeldian column -- about nothing -- without the humor, today places this bit in the center of his piece, perhaps to ensure that he will not be taken seriously:

The Republican strategy [in opposing Harold Ford, Jr.] is painfully plain: Scream Liberal! Liberal! Liberal! clouding over a 10-year congressional record that is, in truth, a good deal right of center.

Right of center?

Right of center?

Had Daughtrey said that the record of Ford was that of a moderate or that some Democrats wished that Ford were farther to the left, most of us not simply out to win partisan points would not argue with him all that much. But, right of center?

By the way, Ford's lifetime rating with the American Conservative Union: 19. Bart Gordon is 40. Lamar Alexander and Bill Frist are around 90.

Of course, Daughtrey doesn't write the sort of columns that require him to look anything up or do research, so it shouldn't be expected that he would know that.


Blogger Rightwing Insider said...

When I listen to the rhetoric of the Democrat Party, I am left with the distinct conviction that they just don't get it. Their solution to terrorism is to pull back, pronate, and beg the terrorist not to kill us.

Make no mistake about it. These are perilous times. We are faced by an implacable enemy who knows nothing beyond killing Americans and "unbelievers." I am reminded of the scene from the movie "Terminator" when the hero is explaining the mission of the Terminator. The Terminator exists to kill the heroine. That's what he does. That's all he does. He cannot be bargained with; he cannot be negotiated with; he cannot be pleaded with. The Democrats and their leadership just don't get it. Because of that, they are unfit to lead.

11:59 PM  

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