Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sad Continuing Saga of Ex Heavyweight Champ

Former world heavyweight champion Oliver McCall was in Nashville yesterday for a meeting in federal bankruptcy court. According to a source, McCall was in high form, making his meeting of the creditors into an entertaining diversion for the other unfortunate attendees awaiting their turn.

McCall's story is unfortunately not atypical in the boxing world. A whole string of famous fighters, including Mike Tyson, have earned millions of dollars only to end up bankrupt. McCall has had stints in drug rehabilitation and numerous scrapes with law enforcement through the years.

These stories are signs of the corruption that is the sport of boxing. Some athletes in all sports have made millions of dollars only to end their careers broke, having significant personal problems, and without marketable skills, but the problem is far more prevalent in boxing than in any other. Much of the problem lies with boxing promoters -- supposedly representing these young men -- who enrich themselves while providing their clients with no resources for preparing for a future outside the ring.


Blogger John H said...

the current state of boxing is a great argument against anarchy and against a society without some centralized recognized authority.

Don King is the figurehead of a sport that has collapsed under the weight of its own corruption.

11:27 PM  

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