Thursday, July 27, 2006

Refund Their Money and Fire Them

Last year, following a Tennessean investigation that revealed a pattern of promotions in the Tennessee State Highway Patrol being tied to contributions to Governor Phil Bredeson's campaign, Larry Rucker and Charles Laxton, among others, were demoted. Now, the Tennessean reports that they are demanding that their donations to the Bredeson campaign be returned.

Rucker explains, "I worked my butt off. I put up signs. I raised a lot of money besides what I gave. I've been with the governor a few times and things of that nature. I felt like I was done dirty."

Unfortunately, his feelings of dirtiness sound like a direct admission of quid pro quo. He gave with the expectation of a benefit in return. I think his own words would be enough to convict him; they should be enough to fire him.


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