Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Justification of Israel's Position

Nathan Moore's remarks on the justice of Israel's position in the present conflict are succinctly stated and exactly right.

The situation on the ground has never been morally clearer. Israel has done all that has been asked of it over the last five years, meeting the demands of the Palestinians as never before, and yet the results are the same. And Iran doesn't care, nor does Syria. The Palestinian question has always been a red herring for a broader policy of Israeli destruction. That truth has finally become starkly apparent.

Many Americans forget that at its narrowest point, Israel is only about 10 miles wide. In middle Tennessee, if you drive from Nashville to Franklin, you have traversed a distance equal to the breadth of Israel. That government has shown remarkable restraint in the face of attacks by those who's stated mission is to push Israel into the Mediterranean Sea.


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