Thursday, July 06, 2006

In the Language of Its Age?

No one expects the editorial page of The Tennessean to read like that of the Wall Street Journal, but did they turn the sheet over to a 14 year old today to write the opinion piece on North Korea? In addition to the childish naivete (the world uniting against "carelessness;" North Korea's interest in emerging "as a player on the world stage worthy of anyone's respect;" and my favorite: "The government in Pyongyang can't possibly believe that provoking military conflict truly holds promise for its people. Further, North Korea should consider what sort of reaction it could provoke."), the language of the editorial is odd, as shown by its referring to:

The Bush administration not "getting worked up."
The North Korean government's "rotten judgment."
North Korea being urged to "cool it."
North Korea "has some missiles" that "tend to fizzle."
The United States should "cool its own rhetoric."
North Korea should not take "U.S. barking" as a "dare."

Someone call Walter Lippmann.


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